WB Group's 40th Anniversary Celebrations

WB’s achievements over the last 40 years have been the result of our dedicated team.
Our people are our assets and how else can we celebrate this momentous occasion, than to hold it in style- on the sandy beach.

WB Group held its 40th Anniversary Celebration at a picturesque resort. After a day of team-building games, it then culminated in a dramatic torch-lighting ceremony and sea-side outdoor dinner and dance. The programme ended with a staff flashmob and 2-minutes fireworks. Now, that is an ending worth remembering.

What made the 40th Anniversary even more special is that it was the finale of a year-long programme that includes, Charity Run, Core Value Day and Sports Day.

As we gathered to relive our past glory, and forging a greater future, we always remember that the team will only be as strong as our teamwork and harmony.